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Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day are an exclusive dental implant-supported denture process. It is an option for patients who need several teeth replaced or even a whole upper or lower set of teeth. The teeth in a day are a fairly new dentistry technique and let the patients acquire an entire arch of artificial teeth in a single appointment with a dental surgeon. The procedure is minimally invasive and can help replace an entire set of teeth. A Teeth-In-A-Day procedure will help you do away with your dentures and provide you with natural-looking permanent teeth.

What is the process of Teeth- In- A- Day?

The traditional implant process takes about a few months to complete where you might have to wear temporary restorations. As the name suggests, the Teeth-In-A-Day procedure takes about a single visit to your dentist. After the initial diagnosis and examination, the dental team will begin by capturing a high-resolution CT scan of your jawbone structure. These scans will guide the exact placements of dental implants. Then a non-removable device is created to attach over the implants immediately after they are placed, providing reliable function. Actually, the patient will receive two restorations. 

The Teeth-In-A-Day process begins after the temporary restoration has been done. First, the damaged teeth are extracted, and the dental implants are surgically inserted and capped with interim restorations. Once the implants have healed, the abutment pieces are placed, and the impressions are captured. With the help of these impressions, the final restorations are fabricated. In the meanwhile, a temporary denture is attached to the implant posts. Having fixed permanent teeth is much more comfortable than wearing a temporary denture for up to six months. This prevents you from the inconvenience of dentures coming loose or not able to smile naturally. The final restorations are fitted after the healing of the implants is completed.

What are the advantages of Teeth-In-a- Day?

  • With the same-day implants, there is practically no discomfort after the procedure, and there is no need to wear uncomfortable dentures while the dental implants heal. The latest technology of Teeth-In-A-Day ensures quick and convenient treatment.
  • People using same-day dental implants get an immediate benefit in their quality of life, and also, their self-esteem and confidence are boosted.
  • Their ability to chew and eat food is instantly restored.
  • The need for bone grafts is greatly reduced or eliminated.
  • As the treatment has a success rate, there is no need to worry about your dental implants' overall quality.
  • A person can smile openly without being embarrassed about the absence of teeth.

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