Same Day Crowns in Concord CA

Same Day Crowns

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) has totally transformed the dental crowns procedure. The traditional crowns, onlays, or veneers require a certain period to be fabricated and fitted onto the patient's damaged teeth. A great deal of waiting time has to be endured before your dental restorations are prepared. But with the same-day CEREC crowns, the treatment can be completed in just a single visit.

CEREC consists of several computer-assisted design (CAD) tools and a milling machine that helps design customized restorative devices. It provides an instant solution for your dental requirements. As in the conventional methods, the tooth has to be reshaped before it is fitted with a crown. The CEREC system uses an intraoral camera and CEREC software to produce a digital impression from which the crown is created. The digital design is combined with the Chairside milling unit to create a crown that gives an accurate and comfortable fitting crown.

What are the benefits of the same-day crown?

  • A traditional crown entails a lengthy process. The entire process takes a few weeks to complete, whereas, with same-day crowns, there is no waiting period involved. The whole process is completed in one day, right from the impressions, preparation, and fitting of the device.
  • The fast and simple procedure of CEREC technology is not only time-saving but also less expensive compared to the traditional crowns.
  • The time required at the dental clinic is also greatly reduced as it is completed in just one visit to the dentist.
  • The restorations are also of high quality and can last longer.
  • The same-day crowns are made from tooth-colored materials, the beauty of your smile is retained.
  • This latest technology will ensure the crown matches the exact size, shape, and color you need for a high-quality crown. There is no chance for mistakes as the digital images contain specific and precise details for the crown preparation.
  • There is no involvement of dental labs as the crowns are fabricated in-office milling machines. The milling machine creates your crown from ceramic material in well under an hour. As soon as the restoration is ready, it is bonded to your tooth.
  • The need for a temporary crown is eliminated, and you can walk out with a permanent flawless crown on the same day.

What are the steps involved in same-day crowns?

The CEREC procedure begins with the preparation of the tooth. A local anesthetic is applied to numb the tooth before reshaping the enamel to reduce the pain. A dental tool is used to remove a portion of the enamel, and the tooth is completely reshaped to fit the crown's size and shape. After the tooth is prepared, its new impression is taken. The CEREC impression procedure includes an intraoral scanner that takes several images of your mouth in a matter of seconds. The CEREC software combines these images into a single three-dimensional representation of the teeth and gums.

The next stage involves the use of digital representation to create the new crown. Once the patient is satisfied with the design, the fabrication process begins with the digital image transferred to the CEREC milling unit. At this milling unit, a beautiful and well-fitting crown matching the digital design dimensions is manufactured. Once the crown is ready, it is polished and bonded into the patient's mouth. The crown is permanently cemented into place after carrying out the necessary adjustments.

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