Pediatric Dentistry in Concord CA

Pediatric Dentistry in Concord CA

Pediatric dentistry is a dentistry division that deals with the examination and management of dental health in children. Pediatric dentists are committed to the dental health of children from childhood through the teenage years. Today’s children face possible tooth decay and oral diseases due to a lack of proper dental care.

Most children regard dental procedures as painful and daunting experiences and generally avoid going to dental clinics. However, pediatric dentists must regularly check children for early detection and treatment of tooth cavities and gum diseases. Pediatric dentists have a diverse range of approaches to help a child overcome their fears of dental procedures.

What are the treatments provided by a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist help provides comprehensive oral health care for children. Their services include the following:

  • They help provide preventive dental care, including teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments.
  • A pediatric dentist gives recommendations for a well-balanced and nutritious diet for healthy teeth.
  • They conduct oral health examinations of infants, which include a risk assessment for caries in the child.
  • A pediatric dentist also performs a complete diagnosis of oral conditions associated with diseases such as diabetes, congenital heart defects, asthma, and other health disorders.
  • They provide care for dental injuries such as fractured, displaced, or knocked-out teeth.
  • They help in the management of gum diseases and other conditions like ulcers and pediatric periodontal diseases.
  • Pediatric dentists provide orthodontic procedures such as braces to straighten teeth and correct an improper bite in teenage adults.
  • They repair tooth cavities and other similar defects.
  • A pediatric dentist also extends habit counseling to wean young toddlers from thumb sucking and pacifier use.

What are the benefits of consulting a pediatric dentist?

A balanced and the right nutrition is the key to develop strong and healthy teeth among children. The chocolates and other foods such as milk and fruit contain a considerable amount of sugars. The consumption of sugars is the main reason for tooth decay in young children. Hence a healthy balanced diet is very mandatory for the overall health of your kids’ teeth. The pediatric dentist can help you guide by telling you which foods to include and which ones to avoid.

A pediatric dentist can give you tips and advice on how to maintain your children’s oral health. There may be several queries regarding your child’s oral health which may not be answered satisfactorily by a regular dentist. For example, a common habit of thumb sucking among toddlers can become a nuisance if it is still carried out in their older years. A pediatric dentist familiar with this type of concern can offer you the right kind of guidance to wean your child away from such habits.

They help inculcate good oral habits among the children by talking about the importance of oral hygiene and sharing multiple dental maintenance strategies. A pediatric dentist can help deliver the best at-home dental care for your child.


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