Dental Implants in Concord CA

Dental Implants in Concord CA

Dental Implants provide the best alternative for the replacement of missing teeth. It is more strong and durable than the other tooth replacement options. The dental implant not only secures the new tooth in place and but also protects against bone loss. 

Dental implants are comprised of titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone in place of the missing tooth. These metal posts act as a substitute for the tooth’s root. This titanium rod bonds with the jawbone creating a foundation for the artificial teeth. The process of the metal post’s fusion with the bone takes a couple of months. Abutments that resemble small posts allow the artificial teeth to be secured to the implant. 

What is the importance of replacing missing teeth?

It is important to replace missing teeth to maintain the full function of your teeth and bite to avoid the following issues:

  • Implants will prevent the drifting and tilting of teeth. When a missing tooth creates a gap, the adjacent teeth may start shifting towards space and even begin to tilt.
  • The missing teeth can interfere with your smile aesthetics. If the front teeth are missing, you may feel embarrassed to smile, laugh or even speak. The smile can become uneven or crooked as the teeth begin to tilt because of the gap.
  • Missing teeth may cause the misalignment of the bite. The drifted teeth will cause the bite to become misaligned, leading to imbalance as you bite or chew. 
  • A misaligned bite can lead to worn teeth as well as strained ligaments.
  • There will be difficulty in brushing and flossing the teeth when there are gaps. This reduced capacity to clean the teeth and gums can lead to the accumulation of plaque, tooth decay, and gum infections. 

What is the procedure for a Dental Implant?

The dental implants involve a surgical procedure to insert the titanium screw. If there is an extraction, the tooth is removed before the implant is placed in the empty socket during the same procedure. A healing abutment is placed to contour the gum tissue for tooth restoration. After the surgery, a healing period of six weeks is required. 

During the healing period, the implant will fuse completely with the jawbone. The implant is covered with a small healing cap that protrudes through the gums. After this, the restorative phase begins. The components of the implants are topped up with a customized crown. The post-operative discomfort will last for a few days. 

How should you care for the Dental Implants?

The dental implants have to be taken good care of for them to last longer. It is vital to maintain consistent excellent oral hygiene. Try to avoid eating hard and crunchy foods. Visit your dentist for regular examinations and teeth cleanings. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last up to 20 years or even a lifetime. 

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