Crowns and Bridges in Concord CA

Crowns and Bridges in Concord CA

Dental Crowns

They are a ubiquitous restorative device and have multiple uses and functions. Whenever a person has a cracked, chipped, or a damaged tooth, a dental crown can be placed over the tooth. This will make sure that the tooth is protected from further harm and damage. The tooth’s appearance and function are also restored.

A crown has multiple uses to restore a tooth after a root canal has been performed to make its structure more strength and prevent further damage. When you have dental implants placed, it has to be capped with a dental crown to resemble your natural teeth. The abutment portion of an implant is concealed with a crown, and the chewing functionality and aesthetic appearance are restored.

What are the merits of Crowns?

  • They offer durable alternatives to dental fillings to treat a variety of tooth issues.
  • After a root canal process, the treated tooth is covered with a dental crown to give it more strength and durability. The crown helps the treated tooth to regain its normal functioning.
  • It helps conceal a severely stained or discolored tooth.
  • If a tooth is chipped, cracked, or broken, a crown can be used to hide these defects.
  • A decayed tooth is treated with fillings, and a crown is used to cap it to prevent it from falling.

Dental Bridges

They can be helpful to fill gaps created by several missing teeth. A bridge comprises a series of dental crowns that are held together to form one solid restoration piece. They are secured to abutment teeth and restore the form and function of the teeth. The bridges help prevent the shifting of the adjoining teeth into the space left by a missing tooth. With these replacements, the ability to chew and bite will become normal again. This could be a more affordable option as compared to a dental implant.

What are the merits of bridges?

  • They provide an alternative for costly dental implants.
  • A bridge helps restore the appearance of your smile.
  • It prevents the surrounding teeth from occupying the space created by the missing tooth.
  • They blend in effortlessly with the existing teeth and appear natural.
  • It prevents the sunken facial appearance resulting from missing teeth.
  • The risk of gum diseases and bone loss is reduced.
  • The bite forces are distributed evenly.

How are the crowns and bridges fitted?

Before a crown or bridge is fitted, the tooth’s surface is reduced to allow for the bridge or crown to fit over it properly. After this, the dentist takes an impression of the treatment area to create an exact mold for the bridge or crown. Instead of molds, digital impressions can be taken to provide a more accurate crown. These molds or impressions are sent to a dental lab for their fabrication. Meanwhile, an interim crown or bridge will be placed to cover the gaps left by the missing teeth. The manufacture of the crowns or bridges may take a few weeks.

Once the permanent crowns or bridges are ready, they are cemented over the prepared tooth. Strong adhesives are used to cement the restorative devices. With this, your bite, structure, and appearance of your smile are re-established.

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