Whether you have lost a single tooth or all of your teeth, you need to find a solution that will allow you to restore the look and function of your smile. With so many factors to consider, from time constraints to expense, Dr. Patil offers many solutions based on your individual needs.

 Find the Best Option for You

The types of denture options are: implant supported full denture, removable full denture, removable partial denture and. Dr. Patil will help you choose the type of denture that’s best for you based on whether some or all of your teeth are going to be replaced and the cost involved.

All-on-Four /  Teeth in a Day – Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures provide the wearer with a life without pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. Implant Supported Dentures act like natural, healthy teeth; they stimulate the bone and prevent bone loss, increase bite forces up to 10x in the first year, and look and feel like natural teeth! Wearers often marvel at the ability to chew, speak, and smile with ease and comfort again. Implants have truly revolutionized dentistry for the denture wearer.

The All-on-4 solution is designed for patients who have limited amount of bone. All-on-4 is an alternative dental implant solution that maximizes the use of available bone for immediate use using just four implants!

The All-on-4 technique is specifically designed to use only four implants.

Before the procedure begins, you will be comfortably numbed so that you will feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Four dental implants are then placed according to where the bone volume is best. Once the implants have been placed, the new or existing denture is used as the framework for a temporary set of teeth that may be attached that day.

Once the bone has fully integrated with the implant (6 months), the temporary teeth are removed and the new, final set of teeth are made and anchored into place permanently.

 Removable Full Denture

When all of your teeth have been lost or extracted, a traditional full denture can replace the upper or lower arch, or both. Dentures are custom created for each patient in both appearance and fit. You may also choose whether to have false teeth placed immediately after extraction or wait for your gums to heal completely. When your teeth have been extracted, the bone and gum tissue changes shape over the next 12 weeks. Conventional denture placement generally waits for this period to end before fitting you with your new false teeth. However, Dr. Patil does offer an immediate denture option so that you may wear dentures during the healing process. This immediate option may require realignment or redesign after the gums heal but helps you avoid living without teeth for an extended period of time. This is the least expensive option and good for those on a limited budget. 

Dentures over a normal course of time will wear and need to be replaced or relined in order to keep the jaw alignment normal. The alignment will slowly change as the bone and gum ridges recede or shrink due to the extraction of the teeth. Regular dentist examinations are still important for the denture wearer so that the oral tissues can be checked for disease or change.