The Team

Christina Rodriguez, RDA / Business Team – Christina has been with Dr. Patil for four years now but that is only the tip of the iceberg of her twenty-two years of dental experience. Christina loves being in the dental field because of the instant gratification that the patient’s receive. When she isn’t in the office she enjoys watching her kids participate in sports, walking her two dogs and spending time with her husband and kids. 

Regina Sorisio, RDA / Business Team – After Dr. Patil expanded her office Regina joined her team and has been with Dr. Patil for one year now. Regina brings twenty-two years of dental experience to our team that includes front and back office training. Regina chose dentistry for her field of work because she loves to grow relationships with people while giving them the healthiest smile they can have. Dentistry has been a dream job for Regina since she was a young girl. On her days off Regina loves to travel, go camping and spend time with her family.

Stephanie Ramos, RDA / Business Team – Stephanie started her journey in the dental field with Dr. Patil three years ago and couldn’t be happier! She enjoys the smile transformations, patient satisfaction and patient care that she is a part of day to day. When Stephanie is home she is enjoying quality time with her one year old son and husband in their new home. 

Kathy Robishaw, RDH – Kathy has been working in the dental field as a hygienist for over thirty years and joined Dr. Patil’s team when Dr. Patil took over Dr. Hamanaka’s practice after he retired. Kathy loves the relationships she has developed over the years with her patients and being able to see their children and grandchildren grow. Kathy is happily married with three sons who all live happily with their significant others. When Kathy isn’t at work you can find her outside enjoying running, biking, hiking and golfing.

Diane Townsend, RDH – Diane has been part of Dr. Patil’s team since Dr. Patil expanded in the Summer of 2018 and brings thirty-three years of experience to the table. Diane loves working as a hygienist because of the health care and education she brings to patients, Diane is constantly learning more to better her patient’s knowledge about dentistry. When Diane isn’t in the office you can find her hula dancing, going to theater plays and watching the Giants play. 

Judy Barroso, RDH – Judy has been a hygienist for over 30 years. She joined Dr. Patil’s team in 2015. She loves working with patients improving their dental and systemic health. She loves to educate patients so they can better take care of themselves. She thoroughly enjoys her profession. Being the mother of four sons, she is a huge sports fan with March Madness being one of her favorite times of the year. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her grandkids, going on motorcycle rides and rooting for her favorite teams.

Marty Osborn, RDH – Marty has been practicing as a hygienist in the dental field for over thirty years and has been with Dr. Patil and her team for over  fifteen years. Marty loves the education she can bring her patients and being able to watch her relationships with patients grow over the years. When Marty isn’t hands-on in the office she is enjoying time with her friends and family listening to good music and spending time outdoors. 

Evelyn Harrell, DA – Evelyn has been in the dental field as a dental assistant a business team member for twelve years now and has been with Dr. Patil for over three years now. Evelyn loves working with Dr. Patil and her team because of the personal growth she experiences year to year. Evelyn enjoys working with people daily, watching patient’s smiles transform and being a part of patient’s health care. When Evelyn isn’t helping patients and her team you can find her spending quality time with her husband and their three children. 

Khaylee Lujan, RDA – Khaylee has been working in the dental field as an assistant for over six years now but joined Dr. Patil and her team a year ago. Khaylee is new to the Bay Area (coming from San Diego) but has enjoyed her transition here. Khaylee loves being able to change patient’s days starting with their smile, being able to help educate patient’s on healthy smiles and to be part of patient’s dental transformations. When Khaylee isn’t working with her team at Dr. Patil’s office you can find her hiking, sewing, camping and traveling. 

David Yee, DA – David is new to the dental field, graduating from an accredited assisting program at Carrington College. David started his externship at our office in January 2020, after his time with us it was clear to see that he was a great fit for our team. We were happy to have David officially start with our team in February 2020, we can’t wait to see his growth as an assistant in our office.